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Implementing Websites For Internationalization March 3, 2008

Posted by ninadgawad in General, Javascript, Web Apps.

Most business in today’s open market are demanding their websites & web application to have multilingual support. This is in order to attract non-English speaking audiences to increase their customer base and make people comfortable using the application in their native language. But for this, it would require an existing business application to be customized to support native locale. The process of producing an application that can be localized for a particular country without any changes to the program code is called Internationalization.

Following are the list of things one needs to take care while making an application to implement Internationalization. [click here to read complete article]



1. Hoang - September 25, 2008

Great article. One thing that I’m a bit confused is the AddDefaultCharset setting to Off in the httpd.conf. Why don’t you want to set it to UTF-8?

2. ninad - October 6, 2008

well u can certainly set that to UTF-8, the purpose was to just disable the set content type in the response, thanks for the suggestion:)

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