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NO CPU/ABI system image available for this target September 1, 2014

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Problem: “NO CPU/ABI system image available for this target” warning message while running your Android application using Emulator in Android Studio or Eclipse. In order to resolve this issue you have to install a system image to be able to run a virtual device. 

Error Popup:

NO CPU image available

NO CPU/ABI system image available for this target

Cause:  The issue is caused because you have not installed the required packages using Android SDK Manager.


Step1: Make sure prerequisites are completed first 

  • Computer has Android SDK installed
  • Computer must have an Intel processor with support for Intel virtualization,and this functionality must be enabled from the BIOS, by default it will be set ti false

Step2: If using Android Studio, Go to > Tools > Android and click on SDK Manager



Under section Android 4.4.2 (API19) select “Intel x86 Atom System Imag” checkbox and click “Install Package” button. Now “Accept License”** agreement and click “Install”. 



Once installation is complete restart Android Studio/Eclipse. 


Step 3: Now go to, Tools > Android  and click AVD Manager and now click “Create” button.

Select Target as “Android 4.4.2 – API Level 19” and CPU as “Intel Atom (X86)

Enter AVD Name e.g. “DEMO” and select one of the Devices from drop down e.g. Nexus 5 (4.95″, 1080 x 1920: xxhdpi)

Select Skin and update Memory Options and click “Ok”


Now, you should be able to execute your app using Android Emulator.


Useful Links:

** Read Terms and condition of license agreement and make your decision.


Application blocked by security settings August 18, 2014

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Problem: While trying to access a website running Java Applets you get a message “Application Blocked by Security Settings”.
This is a common error while accessing a which has below listed issues:

  • Certificate is revoked
  • Failed to validate certificate
  • Unable to connect to Certificate Authority

Error Popup:


Cause:  The issue is caused because your default Java Control Panel’s Security Level is set to “High”.


Step1: Copy on clipboard Website URL you are trying to access

Step2: Open “Java Control Panel”

On Windows:  Start > All programs > Java > Configure Java


Step3: Click “Security” tab and reduce security level to “Medium”, also you can click “Edit Site List” and paste the URL which is getting blocked.

Step4: Click “Ok” button, Restart browser. (optional)


This should resolve the issue related to “Application Blocked by Security Settings”

Build path specifies execution environment J2SE-1.5 March 12, 2013

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Problem:  Warning – Build path specifies execution environment J2SE-1.5. There are no JREs installed in the workspace that are strictly compatible with this environment

(This error was encountered in Eclipse after creating new Workspace for Maven Project)

Cause:  As mentioned in the error issue is with default runtime in Eclipse.  Having target runtime or unselected Project Facet may cause this error.

Step 1: Select the Project

Step 2: Right Click and Go to Properties

Step 3: Select option ‘Project Facets‘ from left panel.

Step 4: Click on “Convert to faceted form …”  (if already applied go to Step 7)

Step 5: Click ‘Apply’ button and click ok to close the Properties popup.

Step 6: Refresh Project

Step 7: Right Click on Project again and Go to Properties; this time you will see ‘Targeted Runtimes’ in left panel.

Step 8: Select checkbox for “jdk6 or higher”. Click ‘Apply’ button and click ok to close the Properties popup.

Note: Refresh Project if necessary.

Target runtime was .base.v61 is not defined November 1, 2012

Posted by ninadgawad in IBM RAD.
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Problem: Target runtime was .base.v61 is not defined

This error is encountered in IBM RAD after a new Server profile is added or after creating new Workspace


  • As mentioned in the error issue is with target run-time.
  • Importing existing projects in Workspace with incorrect .settings file may cause this error.


Step 1: Select the Project

Step 2: Right Click and Go to Properties 

Step 3: Select option ‘Targeted Runtimes‘ from left panel.

Step 4: Select the runtime which needs to be configured for the project in right panel (Targeted Runtimes)

Step 5: Click ‘Apply’ button and then ‘OK’ to close this popup.

Note: Refresh Project if necessary. 

The content of Element Type Error in web.xml July 25, 2012

Posted by ninadgawad in Java, Web Apps, XML.
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Problem: The content of element type “web-app” must match “(icon?,display-name?,description?,distributable?,context-param*,filter*,filter-mapping*,listener*,servlet*,servlet-mapping*,session-config?,mime-mapping*,welcome-file-list?,error-page*,taglib*,resource-env-ref*,resource-ref*,security-constraint*,login-config?,security-role*,env-entry*,ejb-ref*,ejb-local-ref*)”.

This is generally observed in Eclipse or IBM RAD.


  • This error is observed while SAX Parser validates the web.xml
  • Tags added in web.xml are not in correct order.


Just make sure you re arrange the tag’s in web.xml in the order mentioned in the error.

  1. icon?
  2. display-name?
  3. description?
  4. distributable?
  5. context-param*
  6. filter*
  7. filter-mapping*
  8. listener*,servlet*
  9. servlet-mapping*
  10. session-config?
  11. mime-mapping*
  12. welcome-file-list?
  13. error-page*
  14. taglib*
  15. resource-env-ref*
  16. resource-ref*
  17. security-constraint*
  18. login-config?
  19. security-role*
  20. env-entry*
  21. ejb-ref*,
  22. ejb-local-ref*

Note: Refresh the project after making the above change.